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  • Lego Duplo Airport
    Get ready for take-off at the LEGO® DUPLO® Airport! Build the luggage check-in and make sure..
    Product Code: 10590L
  • Lego Duplo Deluxe Box Of Fun
    Product Code: 10580L
  • Lego Duplo Doc Mcstuffins Backyard Clinic
    The Doc is in! Help Doc McStuffins and friends Lambie and Stuffy look after all her toys in the Back..
    Product Code: 10606L
  • Lego Duplo Doc Mcstuffins Rosie
    Rush to the rescue with Doc McStuffins and Rosie! Dress-up Daisy was skating in the garden and has h..
    Product Code: 10605L
  • Lego Duplo Fire Boat
    Cruise to the rescue on the LEGO® DUPLO® Fire Boat! Help the firefighter and rescue dog jump..
    Product Code: 10591L
  • Lego Duplo Jungle
    Product Code: 10804L
  • Lego Duplo My First Bus
    Play and learn with LEGO® DUPLO® My First Bus! Put the chunky pieces together to build ..
    Product Code: 10603L
  • Lego Duplo My First Farm
    Play and learn on the farm! The big and chunky bricks make LEGO® DUPLO® My First Farm an ide..
    Product Code: 10617L
  • Lego Duplo My First Playhouse
    Play and learn at LEGO® DUPLO® My First Playhouse! Combine the chunky pieces to build the pl..
    Product Code: 10616L
  • Lego Duplo My First Tractor
    Play and learn with LEGO® DUPLO® My First Tractor! Put the chunky pieces together to bu..
    Product Code: 10615L
  • Lego Duplo Rally Car
    Get behind the wheel of the LEGO® DUPLO® Rally Car! Work on the engine with the adjustable w..
    Product Code: 10589L
  • Lego Spider-man Spider Truck Adventure
    Help Marvel's Spider-Man stop Green Goblin from stealing the money! Use the tracking device and ..
    Product Code: 10608L
  • Lego Big Royal Castle
    Storm the Big Royal Castle and let the play begin! Jump the drawbridge and fight the loyal knights t..
    Product Code: 10577L
  • Lego Duplo All In One Box Of Fun
    The LEGO® DUPLO® All-In-One Box of Fun set has a whole load of DUPLO bricks for fun building..
    Product Code: 10572L
  • Lego Duplo All In One Gift Set
    The LEGO® DUPLO® All-In-One Gift Set makes a perfect treat for your child, with a range of f..
    Product Code: 10570L
  • Lego Duplo All In One Pink Box Of Fun
    This starter set is a great way to introduce your young kid to the building and rebuilding fun that ..
    Product Code: 10571L
  • Lego Duplo Creative Animals
    Introduce your child to a whole animal-themed world of creativity and building fun with this fun Cre..
    Product Code: 10573L