Nexo Knights

Nexo Knights
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  • Lego Nexo Knights-combo Nexo Powers Wave 1
    Product Code: 70372L
  • Lego Ultimate Beast Master
    Ultimate Beast Master might have an explosive temper—but this time he’s got his hands on..
    Product Code: 70334L
  • Lego Ultimate Lavaria
    Who’s that scuttling in the shadows? Ultimate Lavaria is hunting her prey with scary spider le..
    Product Code: 70335L
  • Lego Ultimate Macy
    Swap royal duties for some real action! Ultimate Macy might be a princess, but she knows how to figh..
    Product Code: 70331L
  • Lego Ultimate Robin
    Ultimate Robin is only in his first year at Knight’s Academy, but has robotic ultra armor in a..
    Product Code: 70333L