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Bainisteoir Board Game




Bainisteoir Board Game

Bainisteoir is a new, exciting Gaelic Games Board Game. It is a family friendly, 2-4 player board game that will test your managerial skills, as you lead your team to All Ireland glory!

Bainisteoir is the ultimate test of your ability as a Gaelic Games manager. Using the unique Gaelic Games transfer market, can you build a team that will reach All-Ireland glory as you battle it out against other counties? You will need to manage your own finances and team selection as you plot your path to victory, overcoming obstacles that will be thrown at you along the way. Bainisteoir is a 2-4 player board game that is sure to entertain and challenge players.

Bainisteoir® is a unique, Irish designed and locally manufactured board game that will appeal to GAA supporters of all ages. The game was created by primary school teachers with the aim of offering young GAA followers a board game which contains all the classical elements of gameplay but with a Gaelic Games theme.

Bainisteoir® was developed with focus on children based from 2nd to 6th class. The language, banking system and organisation required in the game is designed to suitably challenge this age group. The game was trialed and tested on this target group and the design and gameplay was adjusted with their feedback in mind. The game was created to provide children with the opportunity to experience the ups and downs of an inter-county manager, with the added dimension of a unique Gaelic Games transfer chest. The players in Bainisteoir® are boys and girls from all over Ireland who won competition in May to represent their county in the game’s first edition.

The game has many traditional styles of board game play that children will be very familiar with. Each player must carefully manage their team’s finances throughout and face the consequences of jeopardy cards. The game also contains many trading card style, head-to-head contests which ultimately decides who become the All-Ireland winning Bainisteoir®.