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Cfk Sparking Hair Accessories Set


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This set includes everything a fashionista needs! Design unique headbands and hairclips with trendy ribbons, feathers, rhinestones, bows, gemstones, and sparkle accents. With 6 different headbands and 4 hairclips to design, you can have more hair fashion accessories than there are days in the week!

Design them to match your favorite colors or all of your different moods, and never worry about an incomplete outfit again. Want to include an accessory that doesn’t come with the kit? You can use your own at-home materials, like stickers or sequin flakes, to attach whatever chic additions you want!

This complete kit includes glue and all of the crafting essentials. Includes: 6 colourful sparkly headbands, 4 spring hair clips, 2 satin bows.