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Foil Roll - Pear Green



Crafter's Companion comes with a special way of foil transfer. You use special 'Foil Transfers'. This shows the design. What you also need is the corresponding 'Transfer Foil'.

These foil rolls are suitable for use with foil transfers. Each roll contains 2 meters. See below the 4 simple steps how to use the foil rolls together with the transfers. 

1 - Select your transfer design and foil color. 2 - Apply the design to the surface. 3 - Place a sheet of foil over the area and gently rub the foil onto the cardstock using the supplied tool. 4 - Remove the foil to display the result.

The principle works on the basis of rub-on. The Foil Transfers are designs printed on transparent acetate sheets. By placing it on paper by rubbing on it. Sticks the ink to the paper. Then place the foil on the previously made "ink" print. You now rub the foil on the ink. Remove the foil and the imprint with foil will remain. Cleverly designed, certainly fun to get started with!