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Marabu Textile Screen Printing Set



Screen printing is a method of printing that involves forcing the printing ink through a finely woven mesh onto the fabric using a squeegee. You can use paper or cling film (cut to A5) to create the template. On the areas of the fabric where no ink is to be printed, according to the pattern, the openings of the mesh are made impermeable to ink using a paper stencil. Water-based, saliva-resistant, washable to 40 °C, and soft to the touch. For light-coloured fabrics free of finishes and fabric conditioners (max. 20 % synthetic fibre). After drying, fi x in the oven (150 °C/8 minutes), or iron for 3 minutes without steam. Stir paints before use and clean tools in water after use.

Contents: 1 x Textil Print 100 ml (Carbon black 974), 1 x screen (250 x 188 mm; 51T/130), 1 x squeegee (102 x 73 mm), 1 x painting knife, 1 x brochure