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Mixed Media Discovery Set 12x20 Ml


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This Mixed Media Discovery Set contains four different types of liquid oil-based paints, that can be mixed together to create unique effects.

Fantasy Prisme and its stunning honeycomb effect; Fantasy Moon and its fabulous hammered and marbled effect; VI trail and its transparent ultra-gloss finish; as well as Ceramic and its lacquered, enameled finish.

Use brushes and droppers to apply the color or simply drip, spatter and pour them directly from the bottle.

This Mixed Media Discovery Set contains the following 12 assorted 20 ml colors: Fantasy Moon (Pearl, Turquoise, Silver), Fantasy Prisme (Buttercup, Onyx and Caribbean Blue), VI trail (Apple Green, Crimson and Lemon), Ceramic (Cherry Red and White) as well as the VI trail Lightening Medium.