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Sylvanian Family -bear Family


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Patrick is the mayor of Sylvanian Village and everybody trusts him. Hes always thinking of things to do for the village and making sure that everybody in Sylvanian Village is OK. Its a busy job, but he always says that when he sees his wife Margarets smile, he doesnt feel tired anymore.

Margaret is very polite, and is good at teaching the children table manners. Shes not prim and proper during her manners lessons - she has such a cheerful smile that even the naughtiest children will listen to her and learn good manners.

Piers has a big appetite - hes always saying "I am hungry". If he smells food while playing with his friends, he cant help following his nose. His mother Margaret wont let him help get meals ready because he cant keep his hands off the food.

Andromeda is good at listening to her friends and helping them to agree on things. When the children planned the Christmas play, nobody could agree on what to do, but Andromeda helped them to decide on a show that would make everybody happy. Andromeda loves sweets and always has some with her.

Box Contents:
  • Collectable Figures with moveable arms and legs
  • 4 piece set: Father, Mother, Brother and Sister
  • Dressed in removable fabric clothing
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