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Ground Trampolines

Trampoline Ground + Safetynet (10ft) Pink

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The EXIT Silhouette ground trampoline is a round trampoline with a matt pink padding. To construct it, you dig in no-time a pit in the ground where you want to position the trampoline for a lovely and safe result. So parents don’t have to worry about their children accidentally fall from a high trampoline.

The combination of an inground trampoline with a safety net ensures the ultimate safety. The supplied safety net hangs very taut from its curved supports. This is not only very safe because children cannot get tangled in the net, but it also looks much nicer in your garden. The safety net has an eye-catching fluorescent green zipper so that you can see immediately whether the zipper is closed properly.

The high-quality padding completely covers the galvanised springs and has a specially developed feet safety system that prevents the feet from getting tangled in the springs. The sturdy springs guarantee great jumping power. The frame of the Silhouette trampoline is galvanised and powder-coated, so no chance of rusting. The EXIT Silhouette trampolines are cool, sturdy and guarantee endless jumping fun!

  • Height: 203 cm
  • Diameter: 342 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg

    General characteristics:
  • Manual included: Yes
  • Minimum age: 3 years
  • Safety net: Yes
  • Ladder: No
  • Shoe bag: No
  • Spring hook: Yes
  • Cover: No
  • Frame net: No
  • Number of springs: 54
  • Maximum user weight: 100 kg
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