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Tubi Jelly Set 6 Colors And Small Aquarium



Tubi Jelly is our new plastic mass that, when combined with an appropriate activator, will allow you to create three-dimensional figures with a gel consistency. What distinguishes us is certainly BIG packages with a gel liquid - up to 150 ml capacity! Each set with a large aquarium contains gels in 8 different colors. You can also buy gel liquids separately. We offer a wide range of colors - as many as 18 different colors (including neon lights, glitters and a magic gel that glows in the dark).

The TUBI JELLY MERMAID set with a small aquarium contains:
- 6 gel liquids with a capacity of 150 ml, in the following colors:
purple, pink, yellow, turquoise, white and glitter gold,
- 12 templates with mermaid patterns,
- 1 clean foil on which you can create your own unique pattern,
- 6 sachets with activator 5 g,
- 1 sachet with water crystals 10 g,
- a bowl,
- 1 liter aquarium.

How to have fun?

Prepare jelly beans:
1. Fill the rectangular bowl with the set with 400 ml of tap water (about one and a half glasses). Pour the powder with activator into the water and mix until the powder is completely dissolved.
2. Select the foil with the pattern of the figurine you want to make. Place the prepared template on a hard surface, and then - using a gel liquid in a tube, color the pattern. If you want to make a figurine according to your own idea, use
the smooth foil without printing included in the set. Gel of different colors
can also be applied in layers, one on top of the other.
3. Dip the figurine together with the foil on which it is drawn - in a previously prepared solution with an activator. After approx. 30 seconds, gently move the foil so that the pattern comes off the surface. When the figure is free to swim, wait for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Prepare the aquarium with water crystals:
1. Fill the aquarium with warm water.
2. Pour the granules with water crystals into the water.
3. Wait patiently for the crystals to grow. This may take 2 to 6 hours.

Place the jelly in the aquarium:
Before placing the jelly in an aquarium full of water crystals, wash it under running water.

- Our products are safe for children.
- They do not contain any toxic substances!

Made in Poland.