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Yulu Sling Stix - 2 Stix - 1 125mm Ball


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Power up your ballgame with Helix sling Stix. This awesome set lets you sling The ball up to 30 feet, for super-powered, super bouncy games. The Helix sling Stix set comes with 2 sling Stix and an ultra-bouncy ball for 2 player games.

Each sling Stix has a suction cup at one end for catching and holding the ball. When it’s time to throw, press the trigger and sling. The ball will be released, allowing you to sling it distances of up to 30 feet. The included ball is extra bouncy for awesome throws. Catch is about to get a lot more interesting. Helix sling Stix offers kids a whole new ballgame.

Play your favourite catch and throw games with more power than ever, or create your own rules for endless outdoor action. Challenge your friends to switch up their play with this futuristic outdoor game.

The Helix sing Stix set is designed for 2 players. Made with strong plastic that is designed to last, You can be sure that this set will stay in great shape through Hours Of outdoor play. The futuristic design has an ergonomic handle that’s easy to grip, offering an intuitive way to revolutionise your play.