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Exit Yummy Outdoor Play Kitchen 100


EXIT Yummy 100 wooden outdoor kitchen is a unique multi-purpose play kitchen for children between the ages of 2-5. It has all the basic essentials: a stove, a sink with tap and storage space. And with the included kitchen accessories such as pans, kitchen utensils and food the EXIT Yummy outdoor kitchen really comes alive!

The EXIT Yummy 100 allows you to experience a real kitchen. The outdoor kitchen has a stove with turnable knobs and a real tap. The tap works by attaching your garden hose to it and due to a removable sink, the water can easily be poured out. Just like in a real kitchen, you can wash your hands, fill glasses and do the dishes! To add to that, the EXIT Yummy 100 has a lot of storage space for pans and other kitchen accessories and you can hang up the remaining utensils on the little hooks. The EXIT Yummy outdoor kitchens cater for the perfect cooking experience!

The wooden outdoor kitchen from EXIT Toys are made of FSC® certified cedar wood (FSC 100%, SCS-COC-000652-WH). This type of wood leaves no splinters, is resistant against weather influences such as rain and is therefore also rot resistant. You dont have to treat the wood of the EXIT outdoor kitchens before use, so it is safe to play with right from the start.

The EXIT Yummy 100 is a play kitchen for outside. The functional water tap allows you to cool down during hot summers and the autumn leaves and acorns can be used to make scrumptious dishes. This way, even the youngest ones will learn about cooking in a playful way. Not to forget the beautiful natural design of The EXIT Yummy 100 outdoor kitchen, which makes it a lovely addition to your garden. So what are you waiting for? Get cooking with the fun Yummy wooden outdoor kitchen from EXIT Toys!

Standard included:
  • Wooden play kitchen
  • Sink with functional tap
  • Stove with turnable knobs
  • Kitchen accessories
  • Manual

  • Height: 98 cm
  • Width: 102 cm
  • Depth: 53 cm
  • Weight: 14 kg

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